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April 2022

Idea creation (BLOCKFLIX), BLOCKFLIX movie platform development, Tokenomics, Partnership with streaming providers

May 2022

Creation of Telegram group, Launching of token "BLOCK", More than 3k movies in database, First token burn, Membership activation live

June 2022

More than 10K movies in database, Android app release, Android TV app release, Apple app release, Active marketing and burning tokens according to tokenomics, Free fire stick to holders who have not sold.

Special Tokenomics, We make you an offer you cant refuse

This is something special here! To access premium content and watch high quality movies on! "BLOCK" tokens are needed to stream and download movies from the platform. 50% of the tokens received from premium subscription will be burnt and 50% will be shared to the community via lottery! If a credit/debit card or paypal are used for premium subscription, 50% from the payment will be used for buybacks, and burn.


Total supply is 1 billion tokens, called "Block". Tokens will be needed for premium content viewing.

3% Tax is allocated for continuous development.

With constant updates and community involvement, our website, apps (iOS& android), firestick etc, will be user-friendly. Our Ecosystem lends itself to endless potentials, all made possible by our team, to make the experience a personal one for every investor.

3% Tax is allocated for marketing efforts

Marketing will be active and agressive

2% Tax is shared between holders, 1% Tax is added to liquidity

Earn automatic reflections "BLOCK", by holding your Blockflix coin. 2% of every buy and sell transaction is redistributed automatically to $BLOCK eligible holders. Our Smart contract deposits 1% from every buy/transfer/sell transaction as $BLOCK and $BNB into a liquidity pool which has been locked and certified. Pancakeswap fixes the low liquidity problems of DEXs through their Liquidity Pools, ensuring traders can always Buy & Sell without liquidity issues. A bigger liquidity pool will provide more stability to the $BLOCK price.


BLOCKFLIX has plans to produce a TV plug and play device to be released in an upcoming phase. The BLOCKFLIX plug and play device will be continuously updated to ensure latest website contents will be most current. This device will be compatible with all TVs with an HDMI connection.
APP (Android & IOS)
Turn your smartphone into an entertainment hub. Stay connected on the go with the latest contents. Mobile TV streams, movies, live TV channels, and much more directly on any webenabled device. With currently over a hundred movies to choose from, mobile streaming brings you the convenience of top quality movies on your mobile devices.

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available from your favorite app store!

Estimated Android release date 10.06 , Apple store estimated release 25.06